Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tear drop on the letter..

Gods hot sun blazed over his head as he walked the long road into the building. The Guard lifted his hand in a gesture to ask him to stop. A quick search followed and the guard grasped the letter from his hand. He watched the guard unfolding the letter and those lingering eye balls which moved as the guard went through the lines written on the piece of paper.

"There", the guard said to him, pointing at the white building in the distance. Taking the letter from the guard's hand, he silently started strolling towards the building. The guards eye firmly on him until he entered the building.

A lady dressed in green greeted him, " we have been expecting you..  " To his surprise the lady, who was a total stranger to him, addressed him by his name.

Before he could open his mouth, she spoke again " we know why you are here.. we just need you to write a declaration letter and you can go home happy ". Seeing the confused look on his face the lady spoke again, this time with a pleasant smile on her face " The news you are about to hear is indeed pleasant but I'm not the person who should be telling you.." and she pointed to a guy sitting near the window at the far end of a gigantic room, which and whom he just happened to notice then.

An old man in his late 60's sat on a revolving chair, looking very carefully at him as he got nearer. "ahaa.. finally you are here" , he almost fell on the floor hearing the old mans sudden exclamation. "you know son.. you are famous around these parts, everybody knows who you are" said the old man, beaming. He just stood there frozen not having a clue of what was going around. The old man continued "you know what you did son?.. you have just turned a 1:100 odd in your favour.. and it has never happened in my 15 years of service here".. As soon as he heard that, tears filled up his eyes and he was trying hard to hide them..

 "Now all you have to do is sign these papers and you are free, we'll give away all the documents along with you.. proper intimation will be sent to those so called authorities who caused you all these trouble" said the old man. As he signed those letter tears rolled down his cheeks and a couple trickled on the piece of paper.

 The old man stared through his spectacles at him, frowning .. "Are you alright son?" he asked.. "How do you feel"

He couldnt bear look into the old mans eyes as his were filled with tears.. In a half broken voice he said " I have been in war at myself for the past 2 years sir, for something i knew nothing about.. but today i found peace"... "Im at peace... " he said frowning, tears streaming down his cheeks.....


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