Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Kings Of Football

It has been a long time since i had written here. I had forgotten how much i liked doing this in the past. With that said, let me jot down a few words on my favorite topic "Football" or lets be more specific "Soccer".

I have been a devoted follower of the game for 15 years or so, i have enjoyed playing the sport as much as i enjoy watching the game till date. Football today has evolved and it has had some big names who will forever be remembered by fans across the globe. Lets look at some of these big names who have revolutionized the sport.

Alfredo Di Stéfano

I have never seen him play live,  but when i heard about how great he was from other football legends, i couldn't help myself from checking out some of his videos on YouTube.I must say that he was a complete footballer. He can dribble, has a foot made out of silk and combined with an outstanding ability to read the game, he can burst into space with tremendous power to score goals. 
Di Stefanos success had notably come while wearing the all white of the spanish giants
Real Madrid, where he has won back to back European Championhip Cup for a remarkable 5 consecutive years. 

In the Pic Alfredo Di Stefano with the 5 European Championship Cups


The undisputed King of Kings, Pele has been the brightest gem of the game. Whether it may be his contribution to the national team or for the short but influential spell that he had at New York Cosmos, this legend has seen it all and done it all. The only player to win 3 World Cups has had an eye for spectacular goals. One among those was that incredible over head kick which he scored for the New York Cosmos after he had been kicked, stamped and punched on the chest by the opposition players. This video is still played world wide as a motivational video. Pele has been a fighter since he was 15 and till date his record as highest scorer for the national is still to be breached.

In the pic Pele celebrates while on duty for Brazil

Johan Cruyff

The inventor of “Total Football” in many ways, Johan Cruyff has influenced the world of football unlike no other. Whether it may be the mighty Ajax of early 90s to present Barcelona so renowned in playing the “tiki-taka” , Cruyff has his legacy flowing on football pitches across the globe.

The “Cruyff turn” is a famous trick invented by this legend and is taught as a textbook move in famous soccer schools in the world. On the field Cruyff has been known for his time with Ajax and Barcelona. Most notably was his performance at the 1974 FIFA world cup for The Netherlands where they put up quite a show with Total Football on their way to the finals against West Germany. Johan Cruyff has won the Ballon d’Or three times to cap of his fine career on the field. 

                          In the pic Johan Cruyff in the famous Oranje jersey


Diego Maradona

The first thing which would come into your mind when you mention Diego Maradona will be that stunning solo goal that he had scored against England in the 1986 FIFA World Cup weaving past the three lions defense like a kite set afloat. The world had not seen anything like that before .. then! Diego almost single handedly won the world cup for Argentina and is idolized in his home country. Not to mention was the infamous ‘hand of god’ incident against England in the same match. Maradona has represented Barcelona of Spain and Napoli of Italy at club level and was loved by football fans for his exceptional vision on the field combined with exquisite passing and dribbling skills.

In the Pic Diego Maradona exults after scoring for Argentina

Zinedine Zidane

Arguably one of the greatest footballers to grace the football field, Zidane had such elegant touch on the football which made it look all so easy. It was just a mere treat to watch him on the football with his short passes, long passes, ball control, trickeries, goals you name it, this legend had it all. He has represented two of the biggest clubs in world football namely Juventus and Real Madrid FC winning all the major trophies at club level. Representing France, Zidane had played in two World Cup Finals in 1998 and 2006 winning the former for his country against a talented Brazil side. He has also won the Euro 2000 with France.

In the pic Zidane sets himself to blast one for France

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi in modern football terms is a player from a different planet. The all time leading scorer in La Liga and the all time leading scorer in Europe's elite competition, the UEFA champions league at just 27 years of age signifies his relevance in the history of the game. Not to mention is his collection of individual honor’s including the record of winning Ballon d’Ors. Keeping his awards and accolades aside, Leo has this knack of playing football with such grace on the field that it is just so mesmerizing to see him run with the ball glued to his feet. Messi is known for his meticulous ball control, dribbling and goal scoring abilities. He represents the Argentinian national team and Barcelona of Spain at club level

In the pic Messi wheels away after scoring for Barcelona

Friday, July 12, 2013

Life on the fast lane..

The alarm clocks ringing.. I peer through my blankets with a half open eye,
8:45.. S**t

rolls off the bed and peeks through the curtains.. the sun doesn't seem to be up and there is heavy downpour.

I grab my washroom kit and waits in line for my turn (hell with this, I hate it)
still with my eyes half closed I get along with my chores

9:30 breakfast at the restaurant downstairs.. Idly and coffee..
A bowl of sambar given with an idly floating in it.. I poke at it with my spoon

as if I have a choice..

9:45 at the bus stop wind against the rain.. soaked clothes..

the guy in the Merc has great road sense.. Splash! the pothole on my face..

Thank you sir!

10:00 in the bus gets a head ache listening to E.T language around.

10:15 in the lift.. chic staring down my soaked clothes..
I manage a hard fought smile..

The 6th floor is never coming


The office is shut??? WTF?

The Sunday Times on the floor


Thursday, July 11, 2013


A feather touch on the soft picture ,
walking fingers on the walls..
Diving down the wavy falls
and landing soft on the flanks

My picture seems legit,
rewound in my head

a clutch on the nails,
a rub on the rails..
closing the lights with an open palm
slides the surface and makes it calm

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finding the minute..

If being lost was easy,
to be found is tricky..
how do you find something,
that never went lost?..
I think..

Wearing invisible blinders
I search around corners,
with the prize in my pockets.
Every anxious second squandered
Makes the task get even bigger.

I hold a piece not knowing to use
Just like holding a quiver without a bow

when you leave is it lost?
Will it hurt, when not found?
The questions keep flowing,
but the answers remain stuck.

swimming in circles,
not knowing where it leads..
I wander in the desert,
until the crunch moment..

when finally it clicks.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Rider

Rubbing his eyes and stretching his arms..
awing at the curves lying ahead.
The Rider with his soiled boots,
crawls right out from his fragile tent,

Brushing the dirt from his vest away,
glances the devil through the corner of his eye.
.. The storm blew heavy the night before,
through he rode this machine across.

The Rider stamps the camp fire dead,
mounts his Harley and heads for the pins

The Rider rumbles on.. in search for his kins

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bang Head Here

It does feel as if time has hit the brake lights. Ever since the 9 months i had had back in 2010, this is my second streak of sitting idle for a period of 1 month. I succumbed to chicken pox earlier this month and for the second week running, im spending most of my time on the bed. I wouldn't call this an all phase changing , trans formative period that i had, although literally i did undergo some changes physically with all those ugly spots all over my body. This would just rather be a post for the sake of it and the funny thing is i dont even know what to call it. I would recall some of the things that i did do, although i dont know if that was rocket science or just nuts among the beans stuff.

Chapter 1- Mastered the Geneva Mechanism

Ever wondered how time flies? well.. i just made it fly. I spent days staring at the big dong in my bedroom watching the pendulum swing to and fro. My eyeball followed every swing of the pendulum and trust me its much better than listening to Dubstep. You'll get high. Plus intermittent motion of the needles were watched so closely that i honestly felt like i was Professor Xavier from the X-MEN, being able to move the arms of the clock with my mind. I concentrated for 1 Hour for one complete rotation of the big end.. yes "i" did it.

Chapter 2- Learnt Junior high Mathematics

I was never good in math. Infact i totally sucked in it. But nothing can be taken away from me when i say that i could add, subtract, multiply, divide with my mind for which i had used a calculator before. Thanks to the spots on my body which came and went.

Chapter 3- Diffused the Ajanta and Ellora Paintings

I thought ill go for a little bit of history too and i unfolded the mystery painting of Ajanta and Ellora on my room wall. Some left over paint was all that was required for this act and my room now looks black & bleu .

If my Calculations are correct i just took away a minute and 25 seconds from you. I hope it did not hurt and if it did,

feel free to Bang Head Here!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Actor

He shines his shoes which mirrors his own reflection,
The tie.. the power tie he calls it, nicely wound in its place..
With a painted frown on his face,
Head held high, chest out, long stomping strides of a King..
The Actor, yes he is an Actor in life..

He seldom wears his emotions up his sleeve,
Alas.. that was what is demanded of him.
A charming grin on his face he reaches his hand out for a shake,
The Actor never falls short when it is to please.

Passively he listens to his speaker,
Pretending to be in grave interest.
With a nod here and an uhaa there,
He puts his adversary in comfort..
The Actor .. oh The Actor,
Is the best at what he does.

He doesn't complain, nor does he oppose,
the only game he plays now is,
Playing along..
There are no rules, no limits and no scripts in this play,

But the Actor.. rolls his dice on the desk