Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bang Head Here

It does feel as if time has hit the brake lights. Ever since the 9 months i had had back in 2010, this is my second streak of sitting idle for a period of 1 month. I succumbed to chicken pox earlier this month and for the second week running, im spending most of my time on the bed. I wouldn't call this an all phase changing , trans formative period that i had, although literally i did undergo some changes physically with all those ugly spots all over my body. This would just rather be a post for the sake of it and the funny thing is i dont even know what to call it. I would recall some of the things that i did do, although i dont know if that was rocket science or just nuts among the beans stuff.

Chapter 1- Mastered the Geneva Mechanism

Ever wondered how time flies? well.. i just made it fly. I spent days staring at the big dong in my bedroom watching the pendulum swing to and fro. My eyeball followed every swing of the pendulum and trust me its much better than listening to Dubstep. You'll get high. Plus intermittent motion of the needles were watched so closely that i honestly felt like i was Professor Xavier from the X-MEN, being able to move the arms of the clock with my mind. I concentrated for 1 Hour for one complete rotation of the big end.. yes "i" did it.

Chapter 2- Learnt Junior high Mathematics

I was never good in math. Infact i totally sucked in it. But nothing can be taken away from me when i say that i could add, subtract, multiply, divide with my mind for which i had used a calculator before. Thanks to the spots on my body which came and went.

Chapter 3- Diffused the Ajanta and Ellora Paintings

I thought ill go for a little bit of history too and i unfolded the mystery painting of Ajanta and Ellora on my room wall. Some left over paint was all that was required for this act and my room now looks black & bleu .

If my Calculations are correct i just took away a minute and 25 seconds from you. I hope it did not hurt and if it did,

feel free to Bang Head Here!!

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