Wednesday, July 14, 2010

..ThE "DuKe" Of mY HoUsE..

Im running short of best friends these days.. with no one around after college and almost everyone pretty much engaged in something or the other im beginning to just love the owner of the phrase " MANS BEST FRIEND " .. no , not the guy who made the phrase but the creature for which the phrase was made for... ha ha.. yes i have a dog too.. He is just a puppy and DUKE is his name.. It was almost at the end of my 4 years venture at thiruvilwamala that i happened to make a lot of good friends nearby and one of them had this coolest of dogs .. yep an English Cockers Spaniel.. I was so fond of the dog as she was  of me.. "Sweetie" her name was breathtakingly gorgeous.. with golden long hair and her long ears... She had what they call the charm to catch everyones eye.. It was in the month of april that my friend called me and said that sweetie has had puppies and he is putting them up for sale.. I was so into my final days at college that i hardly had time to see her for several months.. I hurried back to his place to find 7 gorgeous puppies.. " pick one sid .." he said.. i was a bit speechless because i know how costly a cocker spaniel in "kerala" would cost... i was like " dude i would love to... but i simply wouldnt be able to afford one.." .. i was busy in conversation with him when a small black thing started nipping at my heels.. i moved him away with my hands.. but he was so playful that he kept coming back for more.. " i think he likes you" my friend said.. though the puppy was born just a couple of weeks back it had tiny needle like teeth which tickles you every time it bites.. On my way back to my house i could'nt stop thinking about him .. his pawing .. and his "tilted head stare" with those glassy eyes which had'nt even cleared.. My mom is a bit scared of dogs.. well her sister is just the opposite... she has cats and dogs running around her house , that everytime i go there i have a hard time counting how many she has.. I called mom and asked her if i can bring a puppy home.. she screamed at me in the beginning but soon settled down with the idea thanks to my brother who had a hard time persuading her.. Finally after my exams i brought him home and he was named "skittles" in the beginning as per the suggestion of someone i know.. i was so adamant on keeping his name as skittles that i ended up in a fight with my brother as i never asked for his suggestions.. Finally to both of our surprise mom came up with the name "DUKE".. The first week was a bit hard for everyone even duke as he had to adjust to his new room.. ehm.. my room.. But then he started being his normal self.. running around tearing down moms curtains , pooping on her carpets .. He is one little naughty puppy.. Mom was having a horrid time with him around.. But only lately did I see the change in her.. She actually cuddles with him and I couldn’t believe my eyes.. till date she sings for him and puts him to sleep just as she used to do to us when we were babies.. Well she is more fond of him than us now im sure.. And you should see his expression and excitement when they come back home from school.. He goes absolute bonkers.. Quite frankly he has changed the life of everyone here with his naughty habits and his innocent facial expression saying “ what did I do??” after he has done something naughty… with his soft barks and his playful character my puppy has become “THE DUKE” of my family…   


  1. Siddharth, the picture is lovely.

    Shall drop by to meet Duke one of these days :) And I knew your mother would definitely choose the name!

    Nice narrative style you have! Has your mother read it yet? Do show it to her :):)

  2. no no teacher .. tats not duke. god he is too restless and just refuses to pose for a pic.. i got fed up and i just put a pic from the net.. he is too small and is stil a puppy

  3. Oh! Ok :) Perhaps I'll have to meet him in person then!