Saturday, July 3, 2010

"YeLlOW MuStArDS...!!!"

I love soccer and have been a great admirer of brazilian free flowing  football they call JOGA BONITO " the beautiful game".. but lately i had developed a huge despise for their team which has been boasting a lot on the papers rather than on the field.. at the 2010 world cup there was no JOGA BONITO .. they played lame and they were getting the support from millions just because of the legacy left behind by their predecessors ..the likes of ronaldinho ,rivaldo ,cafu ,roberto carlos and the one and only "ronaldo"... the so called golden generation had left behind them such a remarkable style of playing the beautiful game filled with the samba music and flair.

In The game against the ORANGE ARMY in the quarter finals of the FIFA world cup 2010, they showed how inexperienced the side is.. Boasting a flurry of young hot shots in the likes of robinho, Kaka, danny alves, melo and the rest ,Mighty Brazil looked minnows when it came to handling pressure. Brazil never had to come from behind so far in the tournament and all they had to do was score goals and sit back and watch the opponents struggle to play. But i should say they chose the wrong team to play that game.. THE NETHERLANDS with the fire power they have in the likes of Arjen Robben , Wesley Sneijder and Robin Van Persie  and with the Bayern munich master mind captain Mark Van Bommel anchoring the midfield they were in for a test. A real test which so far in the tournament they had never come across. As soon as the dutch struck their first , it could have clearly be seen how shattered the brazilians where as they never expected them to score. With the defence finding Arjen Robben too hot to handle and who took up fouls after fouls ,showed pure frustration flowing in the yellow camp. The brazilians just like the English has too many stars who shot up into fame all of a sudden and when it came onto the World Stage they found their "Ego" a little too much to suppress.. The dutch dominated the midfield with de jong and van bommel keeping Kaka and Gilberto silva quiet. Other names worth mentioning is their keeper MAARTEN STEKELENBURG and their right back GREGORY VAN DER WIEL.. they have just been awesome in the tournament and is just about time they get signed by the huge giants in club football...

I have been called crazy to support the dutch and my friends used to give me all sort of stupid e mails taunting me about the dutch soccer team.. for them and for all the brazilian supporters out there i have a gift for you.. and please scroll down..

here we go..

the brazilian soccer team The yellow "MUSTARDS" have slightly gone ORANGE after their quarter final game .. oh wait have they gone foul mate..??? now check this out... i ran into this article about the brazilian team which is hiding in the shadows these days it seems
Brazil is having a hard time after their world cup exit.. some say they have gone mad and the others say brazilians are finally settling down to doing stuff they are naturally good at...

dunga  their coach has left the brazilian team and has joined the African natives and is learning to hunt and cook for himself.

their captain lucio has been under this expression since they lost to the nederlands and several of Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeons are being asked to come to south Africa to try their best on him.

filepe melo the guy who took a red card for stamping arjen robben in their game against Holland took a reshape to his face and presently looks like this..

their playmaker “kaka” has taken up a job in victorias secret and is trying his best to get on the cover page of the playboy magazine 

Adriano has quit football and is trying his hand in “frog jump”

maicon has gone crazy and now spends his time playing steam engine  everytime he is on the field..he goes “choooo   choooo…”

robinho looks like this these days ( where is my meaty bone look..) .. oh this is to escape from the paparazzi.. so if you come across someone looking absurd..make no mistake.. yep it is robinho..
ps: gawwd my friends pitbull looks better than this..

last but not the least we have the great ronaldo... oh where is he??? oh there he is...
DO NOT DISTURB cant you see the guy is busy farting FOOTBALLS??? christ what a turn over!!!

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