Sunday, September 19, 2010

gods of heavy metal..

Just like ever other teen i had my season of music.. from pop to hip hop i have heard them all.. now it is the season of heavy metal..
there are quite some bands which has caught my eyes.. caught my ears i should say rather.. and im going to put in my favorite 10 list of rock and heavy metal..


they may be called satanic ..ridiculous or whatever.. i just dont care.. but when it comes to greatness on guitar with a flurry of  unique style of songs..IRON MAIDEN is second to nobody.. their songs give a look into the history and all the gothic lands.. you name it they got it.. with the likes of STEVE HARRIS and NICKO MACBRAIN  and the soaring voice of BRUCE DICKINSON .. they are formidably the best in my books.


They aren't the gods but the angles rather... some of their music is out of this dimension.. with numbers like nothing else matters and unforgiven III .. they have changed the outlook of metal completely in their own way..


The world of heavy metal started off with BLACK SABBATH.. and ofcourse they are one of my favorites.. with prince of darkness OZZY OSBOURNE .. tuning up the music.. and darkness is what this band is all about!


Ok.. LED ZEPPELIN should be at no:1 .. well they usually are in every chart.. because they were the most successful rock bands ever........ but i dont think they are all that "heavy:" metal.. but their songs are gawwd.. so good.. so dammn good.. but unfortunately i rate them as 4..


Out of words to describe them.. SLASH is the greatest guitarists to ever have walked the planet according to me.. and AXLES voice... chrrriisst.. he was soo good.. SWEET CHILD OF  MINE and NOVEMBER RAIN are some of the famous numbers that are still heard in house holds today..


The saying ' a rolling stone gathers no moss' is so applicable here.. MICK JAGGER the greatest vocalists ever by me.. and some of his songs and notes are just breath taking.. There was a time when everybody wanted to look like MICK.. his off the hook looks and party attitude.. has put him on the top of a chart of a real ROCKSTAR.


Sick as he is.. they make some of the disgusting and trash music there is.. and that is why i like them.. an ANTI CHRIST SUPERSTAR


the fastest drummer JOEY JORDISON.. the best according to me.. and real wackos on stage.. PECKERNOSE and #0 SID ... yep u guessed iT 'SID' .. just love the hot numbers and their stage performances..


i have always admired a band with a female vocalist.. NIGHTWISH is one such band i just love their GOTHIC style.. it was TARJA TURUNEN and now it is ANETTE OLZON.. NIGHTWISH music takes you back into the middle ages .. and they are absolutely breath taking..  with their FRONT " WOMANS" voice.. which soars like from heaven... amazing..


ok.. let me take a breath.. im sure you  just saw sharons pic.. and i got a huge huge crush on her.. just laawwe her voice... and yea i think she looks good to .. :P... but taking nothing away from the band.. its such an awesome band just like NIGHTWISH ... and they are good enough to be in my 10 favourite..

so there you have it.. my favorite bands..

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  1. Hy guy, what about Megadeth? Maiden might be the best and Metallica the best seller, the best song writer when he wants still is this crazy Dave Mustain!!!