Saturday, June 26, 2010

the fallen ANGEL

There  were times when i was your guardian..
there were times when i was free..
but now every second i breathe.. 
i be thrown into misery..

i stood by your insanity..
protecting my task has been..
my eyes are red and gold now..
what i have paid for is my misery...

i stood between the gates to hell..
i have kept all this to myself..
i wander where you wont see.. 
inside of me.. that you made bleed..

i had to kill myself everyday..
for all the coffins you had measured..
what all has it stabbed to death..
the dagger in my mind will tell..

my flaws open up as in seasons..
like god hesitates to save me for reasons..
im better of dead for no reason..
than be alive in these pieces.. 

i may no longer be a part of you.. 
and you may need me no more..
but every single pain i go through..
i still swallow it for you.. 

i fear the end is near.. 
the curtain has been closing on me..
and for all those who have sinned..
the Armageddon is coming your way.. 

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  1. That's my Fallen Angel in Blue you've got posted there...

    Some recognition would have been nice.