Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Actor

He shines his shoes which mirrors his own reflection,
The tie.. the power tie he calls it, nicely wound in its place..
With a painted frown on his face,
Head held high, chest out, long stomping strides of a King..
The Actor, yes he is an Actor in life..

He seldom wears his emotions up his sleeve,
Alas.. that was what is demanded of him.
A charming grin on his face he reaches his hand out for a shake,
The Actor never falls short when it is to please.

Passively he listens to his speaker,
Pretending to be in grave interest.
With a nod here and an uhaa there,
He puts his adversary in comfort..
The Actor .. oh The Actor,
Is the best at what he does.

He doesn't complain, nor does he oppose,
the only game he plays now is,
Playing along..
There are no rules, no limits and no scripts in this play,

But the Actor.. rolls his dice on the desk

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