Friday, July 12, 2013

Life on the fast lane..

The alarm clocks ringing.. I peer through my blankets with a half open eye,
8:45.. S**t

rolls off the bed and peeks through the curtains.. the sun doesn't seem to be up and there is heavy downpour.

I grab my washroom kit and waits in line for my turn (hell with this, I hate it)
still with my eyes half closed I get along with my chores

9:30 breakfast at the restaurant downstairs.. Idly and coffee..
A bowl of sambar given with an idly floating in it.. I poke at it with my spoon

as if I have a choice..

9:45 at the bus stop wind against the rain.. soaked clothes..

the guy in the Merc has great road sense.. Splash! the pothole on my face..

Thank you sir!

10:00 in the bus gets a head ache listening to E.T language around.

10:15 in the lift.. chic staring down my soaked clothes..
I manage a hard fought smile..

The 6th floor is never coming


The office is shut??? WTF?

The Sunday Times on the floor


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